Debut With A Subpar White

June 27th, 2013 by in Other Wine Reviews

zoh. my. gah.

Welcome to Pleasure Wineland! Do you get it?


^I will honestly use this gif in every post. You may be familiar with this site’s sister site Beers and Ears and you should be. Because we blog about beer. Y’all..

So I got the bug under my arse to start Pleasure Wineland because.. wine.. and then I bugged Scott and he designed all of this. Plus he is awesome, has cute kids, and takes awesome photos. He also writes serious beer reviews over on B&E so check him out.

I digress.

So don’t like wine?


You should probably leave then. Because WHO DOESN’T LIKE WINE?

So let’s get started on Pleasure Wineland’s first review! A crappy chard!

So last night can be summarized by this.


Rawhids and chard y’all. Lyfe.

The dog was acting up, I was hungry and alone, no one responded to my tweet asking for a date to PF Changs (wtf) so I wandered around Whole Foods. I needed something to get the dog out of my hair and I needed a wine to review for this. Whole Foods is doing a 10 wines of summer thing, affordable “great” wines, so I picked up this chard. I never drink white so I dunno, but I knew I was going to be noshing on crab wontons and fried rice and I thought a white might go better.

Why was it $17 bucks to carry out PF Changs?




So Vinum Cellars chard. Eh. It was good… not the best I ever had. But see that up there? Twist bottle.


I literally never want to uncork wine again. Respect every vineyard that does that.

Apparently the vineyard is in Napa and ecofriendly. Again respect. I did like it. Plus I drank it out of a pink flowery tervis tumblr so..


I just wasn’t super impressed. I like a really oak-y chard and this wasn’t.

The pairing was delightful however.


I am the EPITOME of class.

So if you’re a red guy/girl, this may not be the white for you. But it was affordable at $12 and wasn’t that bad. White drinkin’ peeps would probably be down.

So whatcha think? Lovin’ Pleasure Wineland? Obvi.

P.S. if you LOVE THE WINE, and may want to post, email me at katie [dot] siloac [at] gmail [dot] com because we don’t have hella posters yet like Beers and Ears.

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