Foffani White Merlot

July 11th, 2013 by in Walt Disney World Wine Reviews

Remember that time I wrote a dissertation about Via Napoli on Beers and Ears?


You read that, didn’t you?

Of course you did.

In there I mentioned my wife ordered a white merlot. But merlot isn’t white; it’s red, you say. You might also say that a white merlot is a blush wine like white zinfandel.

Well, Foffani is here to prove you wrong.

When we dined at Via Napoli I was really concentrating on the beer, so much so that I forgot to take a picture of the wine. Therefore, I’m pulling a Katie here and…



On their page for the wine, Foffani describes the process they use to make a truly white merlot.

Technically, Foffani Dry White Merlot wine is completely white in color, with the complexity of a modern dry white wine from Friuli and the strength to evolve positively in the bottle for several years, like a red wine. Grapes are harvested at full technological and phenolic maturity, but before final cellular maturity to control extraction of red color from the skins. No chemical clarifiers used.

It’s interesting because it’s a bit like a red and a bit like a white wine, but lighter and a bit fruitier than your usual red merlot. It’s served cold like a white wine and has a dry finish.

A glass of this unusual but nice wine is $8 at Via Napoli.

I’ll leave out the full story here for brevity (you can read it in the B&E Via Napoli article where I get much more detailed about everything), but this glass of wine was complimentary. This article, however, contains my own opinions.

  • nora

    I haven’t had this particular white merlot, but I discovered them a while back at the grocery store. I find that they have a great blend of fruitiness and dryness (not too sweet and not too many tannins). Great choice.


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